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Tips For New College Students

5TipsforNewCollegeStudents1New college freshman across the country are moving into their dorms, meeting their roommates, and saying their good-byes to their parents-excited to what the college experience will bring. My first semester of college, I was excited and scared at the same time. I was a first generation college student, so my parents or siblings could not give me any advice for this new experience. I had to just dive right in and try to learn the ropes as soon as I could. So here are a few tips that I learned throughout my college experience:

o Put your bed on risers or cinderblocks (for a cheaper option). You will find that your apartment or dorm will lack adequate storage space. If you get high enough risers, you can fit almost anything under your bed from suitcases to winter/summer clothes that are out of season.

o Label all of your groceries. This is not only to dispel a greedy roommate from snatching your food, but it can be hard to know which is yours if you and your roommates buy similar things. I would buy a sharpie marker

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Selecting a College For Future Students

choice-choose-a-college-superJumboTo select a college, which befits your needs is probably the most important decision that you to have to make as a student. The process involves considering several critical factors and weighing the importance of those factors against large magnitude of choices that are available.

The selection of a college will determine as how you will pass the most important, joyous, and responsible years of life. However, you also need to evaluate your interest, while choosing a college.


Consider the academic strength:

When college authorities evaluate your application form, they weigh the level of difficulty of your course work. It also means that you are ready to take up challenging courses. Hence, you need to choose a coursework, which contains different subjects.

For instance, if you are interested in fine art, then your preparatory coursework needs to include subjects such as four years of English study, three to four years of math, science, foreign language and social studies.

If you intend to enroll yourself in an exclusive institution, you need to set the academic challenges that suit your capabilities. For instance, honors level course or selection

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Five Jobs For College Students

Top-Five-Part-Time-Jobs-for-College-Students-MascotPassionHaving a job while you’re in college isn’t always the most fun thing in the world, but it can help you out a lot. For one thing, you’ll be able to have the spending money that all your other friends don’t have, and you won’t have to get yourself into debt by using a credit card all the time. Plus, juggling classes and a job looks good on future job applications because employers know that you can be responsible and handle some pressure. Here are a few great job ideas that you might not have thought of yet:

1. Writing

It’s actually true. You can make money by writing while you’re in college. If you’re an English or Communications major, this will be even better for you. There are tons of places to find freelance web writing jobs, and writing for the web doesn’t take a ton of skills you don’t already have. The great part about this job is that it offers you tons of flexibility because you work like you do for classes: to deadlines. Instead of having set hours, you just do what you

How to Find The Best Homework Help Service

Every student has a moment when he realizes – it is time to find the online homework help assistant. If you do not have time to do your homework, you can choose some options of homework helpers with the minimum efforts and expenses.
1. The Enterprises on writing of works, in fact agencies that have base of authors and are ready to take on all the responsibilities for homework online.
2. The Exchange of authors — homework help online services that provide the interface for direct interaction with authors and take a commission for it. This option has both disadvantages and advantages of using such homework helper.
3. Search the online homework help author and communicate directly with him, who specializes in a certain subject for concrete University.

Advantages of working with homework online companies:

• the personal manager who will resolve all issues
• exact deadlines
• a completion guarantee
• transparent prices
• lack of an advance payment
• registration of the contract
Cons of working with homework help online companies:
• there is no direct dialogue with the author of online homework help

Services for the direct work with authors


Tips for Writing Your College Personal Statement

The college personal statement is your chance to show the college you are interested in why they should be interested in you. Here are some tips for making the most of this opportunity.

Tip #1: Make sure you read the directions carefully. Different schools want different things in the personal statement. Follow any word limit that the directions indicate.

Tip #2: If you are going to use one of the “standard themes” try to come up with a unique twist. Admissions reviewers read thousands of similar statements on the following topics: Overcoming an obstacle, the person who has impacted me most, a sports injury, winning a big game, immigrating to the U.S., my experience with community service, struggling with adversity.

Tip #3: Do not repeat your résumé. In your college application, you will already be providing a list of all your activities, awards, jobs, and accomplishments. Don’t use the personal statement to rehash this information.

Tip #4: Keep the focus on “you.” The most important thing is to show how an experience changed you, why something mattered to you, what you were able to accomplish in a situation. The reviewers are looking for insight on you, your values, your intellect and anything else they

College Admission Essay Tips

This article contains some easy college admission essay tips for you to follow. The first tip is to explain why you are suitable for education in that particular institution. This is because different colleges have different areas of concentrations or different programs that are offered. For instance, a college may have a program in Business but not necessarily one in the field of Communication. Therefore, the student should take this into consideration when writing the college admission essay.

Then, two other college admission essay tips are; the student must be able to explain the fact that he or she is ready for college in the first place and explain why he or she is wants to go to college. The reasons that students give may vary. For example, they may say that they have successfully finished secondary school and wish to pursue higher education to better their chances of getting a job.

Another tip is to make sure that the college admission essay contains information on what program you wish to enroll in, why you have chosen that program, details about the your background, previous education and work experience as well as achievements in any particular area of life. Other than that,

How To Organize The Perfect College Party

College parties are the most important part of college life. As you know that, college is certainly an opportunity to party and have fun. So, college bash is must add to your monthly to-do list. It helps you to count your college years as some of the very best times of your life. Every college student have their best memories from college parties. If you are planning to throw a college party and want some ideas for organizing a perfect bash, then this article will help you a lot. Following are the important points that you should consider while throwing a party.

1) First, select the theme of the party whenever you are organizing one. Whether it is a college birthday, Halloween, beach, pool or any other party, it is important that you should choose theme for it.

2) Prepare your guest list, this will provide you an idea of how many guests you can expect. So that you can make arrangements (like invitations, food and beverages, decorations, etc) according to that.

3) After preparing a guest list, you should ask them about their availability. With this you can easily decide the date of the college bash and will make sure that everyone

Top Five Study Skills For College Students

Okay, when you hear “study skills,” you probably immediately want to take a nap, but, seriously, these things are important. Here’s a little secret: college isn’t really all about learning about certain subjects. It’s actually more about figuring out how to deal with information that you’re given. Sure, you’re building up a base of knowledge that you’ll eventually use in your job, but learning how to manage your time and the information you need to know effectively will prepare you for the workplace way more than acing all your tests will. Of course, having the right study skills won’t hurt your test scores, either. Here are the top five study skills that you should master this year.

1. Take notes. It’s a proven fact that when you process information through your fingers, you remember it better. Learn how to take good notes on your reading and on lectures, and you’ll actually end up needing to study less because more information will stick the first time around. Whether you prefer to take notes with a pencil and paper or your laptop doesn’t matter, just as long as you take detailed notes.

2. Ask the right questions. Learning a subject inside and out has

Preparing for the Beginning of the College Semester

Be sure to put all paperwork in order

You have to bring your ID. This important identification is often left at home or at the dorm by students. Do take note that in different colleges and universities, they are strict with these and would likely give penalty to as far as suspension when it is frequently incurred. You also have to bring your college registration form. Unless you rewrote it in a planner, you have to know which classroom and schedule of class it is that you will be attending. Some professors require it as proof of enrollment. It would be wise to prepare the things you need at night so that when you wake up in the morning, you wouldn’t have any worries if you forget to bring the things you need for the day.

Budget your allowance

This is an important reminder especially for students who work and pay for their daily needs. If your parents are giving you weekly allowance, it’s also good, but whichever source it came from, you need to learn how to budget it.

Some of the things you could do is to prepare a weekly meal plan. Make a variation of healthy meals that would beef up

Easy Tips On How to Choose A Community College

Choosing which community college to go to can be a difficult decision. You know this is where you want to begin your college education, you just are not sure exactly where to start. Below you will find some easy tips on how to choose the right junior college for you.

Let’s start by requesting and browsing school catalogs from all the community colleges near you. You may also choose to visit their websites as well to see what types of degrees, programs, and certificates are being offered and how often.

When contacting the school, make sure the person you talk to is aware that you’re a prospective incoming student. Often, this will gain you an appointment with one of the guidance counselors. Let them know what you are interested in as well as your future educational goals and they can help you decide what types of classes you will need to take.

Make sure the community college you’re looking at has the major and degree you plan to pursue before wasting more research time on it. Most schools will specialized in certain majors and you’ll find as a collective group, they will have tons of majors, career programs and degrees to choose from.


Selecting the Right Computer Engineering College

Computer engineering is a field of study that generates computerized resolutions to all the computer processing problems such as system control, manufacturing troubles and research problems using the to merged knowledge of electronic engineering and computer science. Courses in computer engineering include computer programming, instrumentation, control system theory, digital and analog electronics, and robotics.

Having known the incredible courses covered in this field, how then, can one select the right computer engineering college? A college Search is an informative tool for anyone seeking a software programming school. There are a number of ways you can use to find the right degree program you are looking for. You can either search using the name of degree program you want to study or the name of the prospective college you want to enroll in.

Tips to help you select the right computer engineering college

Tip 1: Choose what you might like to major in at college and look for a college that meets interest.
Tip 2: Make a list of several specifications you can use while selecting a school such as costs, reputation and the quality of the education offered.
Tip 3: Choose three or four potential institutions and education centers and gather all the

System for a Work Life Balance in College

One of the biggest interruptions in a study schedule can be going out at night with friends. Taking that one step further, one of the biggest interruptions in attending class is going out the night before with friends. With that being the case, the last and final step in the college tips is to not go out socially between Sunday night and Wednesday night.

For the typical college student, there is a tremendous amount of temptation in this area. It is not far fetched for a college student to have something to do every night and to get bombarded with invites and pressure. This can be overwhelming and sometimes difficult to resist. One of the reasons this is particularly challenging for a new college student is that they are typically coming from living at home where they had plenty of rules and guidelines.

In these cases, these students go from having parents enforcing rules to keep them in line to an environment where they are free to make their own decision. It is up to them to decide whether it is OK to go out or if they should pass and focus on studying. It can sometimes be tough to consistently make

The Benefits of Exercise While in College

The demands of being a college student can be high and can be very stressful and exercise one of the best ways to deal with this.

This exercise can really be anything that gets your body moving for a defined period of time. It could be walking, running, swimming, riding a bike, using exercise equipment, taking exercise classes, etc. The best way to identify if you are doing something that qualifies as exercise is to see if you are breaking a sweat or able to create an increase in heart rate for a reasonable period of time.

If the goal of college is to get good grades, why would it be good to exercise? Below is a summary of all of the benefits:

Relieve stress: While college can be a lot of fun, it can also be extremely stressful. One of the best and most healthy ways to relieve stress is through exercise. For example, if you have a big exam coming up and have been studying all day, it is likely that you can have a high level of stress and be fairly tense. By doing something as simple as going for a 20 minute run, the stress can be naturally released

Benefits of Getting Involved In College

This is one of the college tips that is more designed for the new college students that are having trouble getting acclimated to the new environment. Symptoms of a college student that is not adapting well are outlined below:

1. Is not enjoying the college experience
2. Goes back home frequently
3. Has feelings of missing home
4. Has not made many friends
5. Does not attend many socially events and activities
6. Is considering returning home or going to a different school after semester

Not adapting well to the college environment is very understandable and common due to the fact that going from high school to college can be one of the biggest social transitions that a young adult has experienced by that point in their life. This is because a typical high school student has been going to school with the same students for a number of years.

It may even be the case that a high school student has been going to school with the same people their entire life if they have not moved around. Whatever the case, a typical incoming freshman in college is going from an environment where they knew everybody to an environment where they may

College Class Scheduling Tips

The majority of college tips about how to succeed in your coursework will normally focus on popular topics such as effective study habits or how to write a great term paper, but true success starts long before you even get your first assignment. Scheduling your classes is often overlooked as an important factor when determining college success.

Be Prepared

Before the start of the semester every college student is given a date in which they can register for their classes. It is important to know this date and be prepared to schedule your classes as early that day as possible. The longer you wait that day, or even week, classes will begin to fill up and you may not be able to get a class you want, or even worse, need. Some classes are only offered during a particular session each year, so not being able to register for it means that you will have to wait another year to be able to take the class.

The Right Professor

When registering for your college classes the most important factor you should consider besides which classes you should actually take, is the professor that will be teaching the course. Most classes, especially lower level ones,

Using Credit Wisely When You Are in College

Chances are likely that – if you’re like most people – college is the first time you’ll have a credit card. Most parents don’t give their high school kids credit cards, even for emergencies, but you may have applied for one in your own name when you left for college. A credit card can actually be a good way to start building credit that you’ll need later on to buy a car or a house, but it can also be a very dangerous thing. Here are a few tips on using your credit card wisely.

Don’t spend what you don’t have. Of course, to a credit company, the whole point of giving you credit is to lure you into spending money that you don’t have. Then, they get to charge you astronomical interest rates due to the facts that 1) they are a business and 2) you don’t have a good credit score yet, so you get worse interest rates anyway. Just remember that the extra pair of jeans you buy with plastic on your card today could end up getting paid off when you’re ten years older and two sizes larger if you aren’t careful.

Use your credit for specific purchases.

Learning How to Study College

Maybe they told you this in high school, but one of the most important things that you’ll learn at college doesn’t have anything to do with reading, writing, or ‘rithmetic. One of the most important things you’ll learn at college is actually how to study.

It sounds silly and cliche, but it’s actually true. Studying well involves good time management skills and knowing how you process information best, two vital skills for the workplace that you’ll be headed to in just a few years. Before you shrug off the idea of actually learning how to study, read a few tips on how it works. It’s not that hard after all!

First, think about how you learn best. Do you prefer to read information or hear it in a lecture? Do you hate working in groups, or do you learn best with other people prodding you along? Do you like to learn hands-on, or are you okay with learning things in theory?

Knowing this information will help you figure out your study style. No matter what any professor says, study groups are not a good idea for people who learn better on their own. Reading a text over and over isn’t going to do

Tips For Choosing a Course of Study in College

Getting accepted into college can be a very confusing time. That is if you’re not certain what to pursue. With so many courses and specialties to choose from, how do you know which is best for you?

Choosing a course of study should be carefully measured to avoid wasting four years on academics that will be useless once you graduate. Numerous studies conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics point to 60% of graduates working outside their majors. What does this figure signify? It either means low employment rates in the field, or students pursuing another field of passion.

Here are tips for choosing a course of study in college:

Income – Research what’s the average income in the field. Many students do not think about how lucrative a degree will be. However, the bottom line of getting a degree is to earn financial security.
The Job Market – The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides in-depth insight into job prospects for different fields of study.

Student’s Interest – What did you want to become when you were growing up? Do you still have that dream? Chances are, students will be much happier working in a field they’re passionate about. Aside from financial benefits, the

10 Things to Consider When Deciding on a College

Unique Tips for College Students:

Applying in any college is just getting in an arena of higher education. Your professional career depends on to a higher extent on the quality of education you get in your college life, so a good college is indispensable to quality education. You should be very keen to search and choose a good college for quality education. This article gives comprehensive tips while choosing and selecting a college.

Hence, I am expounding an essay containing tips which every student must keep in his/her mind before applying and choosing a college for quality education and better career.

• Choosing a good college or university is to find a place where you feel satisfaction to get yourself inducted. So, look for the college which is reputable in your field of education, and best suits you.

• Before applying in any college, first see nomenclature of best ranked colleges regarding your concerning field of education.

• You should be proficient in your decisions and actions to get an admission. If you succeed in selecting a college, you should apply as early as possible and make no delays.

• You should be able to differentiate between early decisions and early actions. You should apt in

College Tips To Get Better Grades

In this article I’m going to talk about college tips to get better grades. College is one of the best times of your life. You should definitely have as much fun as you can, but more importantly, try and get all your work done and try to do your best in your studies. Below are some tips to help you get better grades.

Actually Learn In Class, Don’t Just Passively Listen – One of the best ways you can start learning the material better is to actively try and learn the material when you’re in class. If you think about it, it’s actually a lot more time efficient to do it this way. I know a lot of people who go to class, passively listen, and not learn that much along the way. They have to go back and read their class notes, read and take even more notes in their textbook, when they could have just learned it all at once during class. When you really learn the material in class, by the time you actually have to study for the exam, you won’t have to study as long and as hard because you’ll have already got the gist of